So what's up with Cate?

“Hi! I’m Cate. How did I find my way to the pure joy of working in this space? It’s a long story. I’m 57 years old. Too many years to recount! In a nutshell? Life is a flow of ups and downs. Good stuff and bad stuff. Literally. Most of it is beyond our control. The only thing we can control is how we handle it all. When I paused a decade ago, I realized I was not choosing at all. I was just letting it all happen TO me and had been for years. I was struggling – in my body and my mind – unbalanced, anxious, agitated, lethargic, tight, shaky, disassociated. All summed up in one word – fear. Caroline Myss writes, “Our biography becomes our biology.” (Anatomy of the Spirit, 1996.p.40) My story was dictating my health and sucking the joy out of my life.

My instincts told me things could be different. I found a new way of BEING.  When I paused. Noticed. In the moment. My body, my thoughts, my breath.  Things happened. I found my way to a deep, quiet, calm, still place of peace. It was inside me. It had been there always. The thing I craved the most. With time and practice, I began to rest, restore and heal myself. Don’t be mistaken, I return to the tools I found often. This is simply my new way of being.”

Historic Cate

Before Bridge (BB), Cate worked in education for 15 years in multiple roles. A secondary school English and Theatre teacher BA (Hum) Dip Ed, a Public Relations and Events Co-Ordinator, and a Motivational and Study Skills lecturer. Cate taught speed reading to school and corporate groups while she and her husband raised 2 beautiful children before combining her passions to became a yoga therapist (AYTA), a yin yoga teacher, and a reiki practitioner. Cate has worked for 5 years with small groups and individuals, many suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD. Cate’s resume continues to evolve with the birth of the Bridge Institute and is passionately committed to helping people unlock their x factor, set themselves free, and find their off switch.

What to expect

Bridge Institute is a platform for guiding you to live in a balanced honest space. Start from this place of ease, calm and, peace. When you are settled within yourself, then move into the world. At Bridge, Cate Peterson offers a new perspective. Using a combination of yoga therapy, yin yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath-work, and reiki, together we uncover blockages in your energy and encourage flow again. Finding a new way of "BEING". Cate is your guide only. She suggests and you decide what feels right for you. This is the empowering journey on which Bridge guides you.”

    • What's holding you back?

      Most people don’t even know. They just know they don’t feel good and fear it will always be like this.

    • Are you blocked?

      What does this mean? Different things to everyone. It could be feeling stuck, tight, nervy, anxious, shaky, dizzy, fuzzy, lethargic, angry, frantic, agitated, exhausted….and never being able to turn “OFF”

    • Who is the real you?

      Bridge is about leading you to the core you may not even know exists. It’s about finding your way to what feels right for you. A different way of being. Finding Your OFF switch

    • Is it yoga?

      There is usually some yin yoga involved but it is just one element of the journey. No experience is necessary. You will lie on the floor supported by props so you are completely comfortable. Then the magic happens.

    • Are there other people involved

      It is your choice. One on ones or groups

    • Can I do this myself

      Sure. Once you learn the skills you can access them anytime. In fact, it is our hope that they become an integral part of your life.

    • Where do we do this?

      Bridge Institute is located in New Farm, Brisbane and caters for the One on One sessions. Or Cate can come to you.

    • Do you work with corporations

      Absolutely. Some say this is where Bridge is most needed.

    Words about Cate and Bridge Institute

    There is nothing “heavy” about Cate’s sessions - I leave feeling like she has helped me pinpoint blocks, or perhaps define some underlying issues or irritations - and work out ways to deal with them. I always leave Cate’s sessions, feeling LIGHT! I definitely feel more in tune with myself.

    Cate helps me, see “me”. In such a fast-paced world, days can be as wonderful as they are draining. And sometimes I don’t even know why, but I will know I feel out of whack under the surface. I I have been drawn to Cate because of her intuition, vision, honesty and her genuine approach. It is so clear that Cate has a true desire to give to people, by helping them see & feel a little more clearly.

    Amada M

    I really find the one on one sessions beneficial, because they are so personal … Cate works with you very easefully, to discover any disruptions to your emotional and energetic balance - and then uses yoga to help resolve flow. I absolutely love yoga, so using yin poses to help tap into physical, mental & spiritual awareness, makes complete sense to me. Especially when the poses are so personalised. I have been practising yoga for 15 years, and have never come across teachings like this - I know these experiences with Cate will add a whole new dimension to my yoga & personal journey.

    A Mahony

    Having worked for 25 years with companies ranging from $150B corporates all the way to startups and visionary entrepreneurs, I can share that I have met most of the problems that people block themselves with. Having had the privilege of working with Cate Peterson, I can say with absolute confidence, that she has the skills, passion, and the wherewithal to get anybody I have met in the corporate world, unstuck, unwound, and unbelievable.

    Dr. Kathryn Ritchie

    That li'l ol' price thing

    One on one sessions


    Per session
    • During the 90 minutes, you will spend 45 minutes on a massage table. You will simply rest. Cate uses the art of reiki to gather information from your body about your energy flow. Then, this information informs the 45 minute yoga therapy session. Working together, harnessing the power of the breath, you will find your own way to a place of deep rest, calm and peace

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      Per head (reducing)
      • Regular weekly yin yoga sessions of 4 people offered. Cost is $30 casually or $25 for a block of 4 sessions. (Please note that all sessions are fully booked at the moment but EOI are always welcome as things change and spots pop up)

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        Price on application
        • Price on application

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